MySweeper Clues
Version 1.08

To help you solve the puzzle, MySweeper can be told to display special markers within certain cells which contain a blank or a mine. In Clues|Combined mode, the marker MySweeper
  Question Mark Cell is used for both blanks and mines. In Clues|Split mode, the marker MySweeper
  Checked Cell is used for a blank, and the marker MySweeper Red X is used for a mine. These markers are displayed only on those cells for which an expert Minesweeper player could reasonably determine, based upon the surrounding cells and following certain rules, are of the specified type.

To gain maximum advantage of MySweeper, start with Clues|None and Clues|Enumerate (both the default). When the going gets tough, check the clue count in the window title bar. If it's non-zero, there's something you're missing -- look more carefully at the layout. If that's not enough help, turn on Clues|Combined. If you need even more help, turn on Clues|Split.

When you use the clues, attempt to figure out how each clue was determined -- how could you have figured it out yourself? This way, you can become an expert Minesweeper player.

Note that MySweeper isn't omniscient as yet -- there are some circumstances in which you can determine that a cell is either a blank or a mine, but that MySweeper can't. For a list of some of these cases, see rules.