Documentation for KEYBIN.COM

Use this program on an international keyboard to help the author of 386SWAT support your keyboard.

First try out the program to see how it works (note Space bar to Exit). Next redirect the program's output to a file and type all keys (blindly).

Type every key on your keyboard except for function, arrow, and keypad keys. Type every key in unshifted state as well as with the Shift-, Control-, and Alt-keys. If your keyboard distinguishes between the left and right Shift-, Control-, and/or Alt-keys be sure to test all states for all keys.

After exiting the program, annotate the output file with any comments you consider appropriate. Finally, e-mail the file to the .

For reference, supported international keyboard layouts include

GR129 Germany
SP172 Spain

The keyboard layouts to which I have access and don't currently support are as follows:

BE120 Belgium
CF058 Canada (French)
DK159 Denmark
SU153 Finland
FR120 France
FR189 France
IS197 Iceland
IT142 Italy
LA171 Latin America
NL143 Netherlands
NO155 Norway
PO163 Portugal
SF150 Switzerland (French)
SG150 Switzerland (German)
TR179 Turkey
UK166 United Kingdom
YU234 Yugoslavia (Latin)