Installing 386SWAT

Create a directory on your hard disk (say, C:\386SWAT), copy the ZIP file to that directory, and unzip it there. To unzip 386SWAT, use


This debugger can be used in conjunction with any memory manager which supports VCPI, or with just HIMEM.SYS.

To install 386SWAT, place the following line into your CONFIG.SYS file:

   Device=d:\path\386SWAT.LOD options

Place the Device= statement for 386SWAT immediately following the Device= for the memory manager (if any), or HIMEM.SYS if no memory manager is being used. d:\path\ represents the drive and path location of 386SWAT and options represents zero or more profile options.

As there are several options you may wish to use with 386SWAT, we recommend that you put all 386SWAT keywords in a profile one keyword per line, and point to the profile with the PRO= option on the 386SWAT.LOD line. For example,

   Device=d:\path\386SWAT.LOD PRO= d:\path\386SWAT.PRO