Monitor Mode

The GM (go monitor) command takes an expression which will be evaluated as the CPU single-steps (equivalent to Padplus or F11). No display will occur until

  1. the monitor expression evaluates TRUE, or
  2. 386SWAT is invoked by some other means (GP fault, NMI, Ctrl-Alt-Pad5, etc.)

Boolean expressions may be constructed using the dyadic functions &&, ||, <, <=, ==, >=, and >. Function precedence is the same as the C language. See Command Line Actions.

For example:

gm ah
will execute until AH is non-zero.

gm [.csip == 21cd && ah!=9
will execute until the current instruction is INT 21 and AH is any value other than 9 (DOS display string).

gm cx == 0
will execute until CX is 0.

will execute until the last expression specified with gm is TRUE.