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Welcome to Sudley Place Software where you can find some tools offered for your use for free.  Note that in some cases, a tool may be free for non-commercial use only; consult the documentation for each tool for specific information.

  • The first tool is a Protected Mode debugger called 386SWAT.  This tool installs as a DOS device driver, and can debug almost any DOS Real Mode, Virtual Mode, and Protected Mode (VCPI and DPMI) program as well as the Windows 3.x and Win95/98 kernel, VxDs, and user-level applications.  It has been in development since 1988.  For more details, see the documentation, or maybe you'd just like to download the program.

    386SWAT can now can display debugging output on a secondary PCI VGA adapter as well as on a monochrome adapter hidden behind an AGP controller.

    The source code for 386SWAT may be viewed as a web page, or accessed directly by a Subversion (SVN) client if you have one on your local machine.

  • The second tool is a linker called QLINK written specifically to link 386SWAT because none of the available linkers could do the job (in particular handle USE32 segments greater than 64KB in length).

    The source code for QLINK may be viewed as a web page, or accessed directly by a Subversion (SVN) client if you have one on your local machine.

  • The third tool New! is a standalone DPMI 1.0 Host called DPMIONE. This tool provides support for the DPMI 1.0 Specification and can be used in conjunction with QLINK.

    The source code for DPMIONE may be viewed as a web page, or accessed directly by a Subversion (SVN) client if you have one on your local machine.

  • Various miscellaneous tools are also available for download, including New! SMBIOSW, a Windows version of the original DOS SMBIOS utility (now called SMBIOSD). New! SMBIOSD and SMBIOSW now support version 2.4 of the SMBIOS Specification.

  • For Apache Web Server users, there's a discussion of how Server Side Include paths and Piped Error Logs work.

  • For System Level programmers of Intel 386 and later CPUs, there's a discussion on How to Use Expand Down Stacks, as well as a discussion of how to program the Transition from Protected Mode to Real Mode.

  • For game enthusiasts, there's an enhanced version of the popular Windows game Minesweeper. This program is ideal for players who want to become experts. I call it MySweeper, the grammatically correct version.

  • For APL enthusiasts in the crowd, there's a page on various APL-related projects.

  • For Polyomino enthusiasts, there's a program Visomino (and its description) for solving various packing problems using a clever backtracking algorithm by D. E. Knuth.

  • For Mozilla Thunderbird users, there's a discussion on how to Share an Address Book using an LDAP server.

  • For customers of WestHost ISP, there's a page devoted to how to install various applications on their servers.

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