386SWAT Documentation

This protected mode debugger when used in conjunction with 386MAX or any other memory manager provides debugging services to protected mode, virtual 8086 mode programs, Windows 3.1x and Win95/98 programs, and DPMI and VCPI clients while occupying only a few kilobytes of conventional memory. It supports disassembly of the full 386, 387, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro through the Pentium 4 MMX & SSE instruction set. Note that all of this documentation is included in the download file in HTML format.

Installing 386SWAT -- getting it into your system

386SWAT Profile Options -- configuring it

Invoking The Debugger -- bringing it up

Monochrome and Dual PCI VGA Support -- displaying it

Debugging Aids in 386MAX -- in case you're running my favorite memory manager

Debugging Screen and Keystrokes -- what it looks like and what you can type

Disassembly Bookmarks -- a feature for browsing through assembly code

Autofault -- a feature for understanding faults

Windows Debugging -- how it works under Windows

Windows Kernel Debugging -- very low-level debugging

Monitor mode -- conditional tracing

Command Line Actions -- built-in commands

Common Memory References -- dot commands

Register Mask Values -- bit mask modifiers for registers

NDP Register Screen -- Numeric Data Processor display

Remote debugging -- over a COM line

VCPI Program Debugging -- going where no debugger had gone before

Wish List -- it'll never be finished

Version History -- what's been done


This program is very preliminary. It lacks many of the features of a full-blown debugger. On the other hand, it has a few features they don't have.

Technical Support

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